Go from idea

to market quicker

Quickly embed financial services into your already existing solution with our pre-built payment modules and enable your customers to collect, store, move and manage their money without leaving your platform
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Faster time to market
SeerBit White label allows you to build a faster, better, smarter fintech solution that is fully branded as your own
Cut development cost
Creative on this viewport can be a statistic on how cost of development have increased over the years
Stable & secure systems
Forgo stressful product iterations and hard lessons and launch confidently. Our reliable infrastructure and advanced
Powerful transactional core
Supercharge your transaction processing capabilities with our advanced system, empowering

You want it? SeerBit has it

Launch your payment products quickly or seamlessly integrate payment solutions into your existing system with any of our payment modules.
Remitance Solution
Add a remittance service to your products and allow users receive money from abroad
Virtual Account System
Do more with your banking license and becomea payment service provider
Payment Gateway
Choose from any of our payment modules to deploy a fully brandable payment gateway
Digital Bank
Empower your customers to take control of their finances from their mobile phone

Unlock your full business potential

Launch your payment products quickly or seamlessly integrate payment solutions into your existing system with any of our payment modules.

Power your digital bank

A custom solution that enables you to offer your customers a modern and user-friendly digital banking experience, including payment processing and fund transfers.
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Growth for any ecosystem

Best for e-commerce marketplaces, ride hailing platforms and on-demand service providers
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Unlock revenue streams

Enhance your existing offerings and provide your customers with a comprehensive suite of financial services to unlock new revenue streams
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Transform your operations

Streamline payment processes, elevate your customer journey, and expand your operational reach across Africa
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Localized payments in Africa

A fully customizable solution that enables payment processing companies to offer localized payment solutions for African customers.
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SeerBit has obtained all regulatory licenses  

We have a PSSP license obtained from the
Central Bank of Nigeria.

We have a team of world-class security experts, all focused on strengthening our payment infrastructure. 

Our 3D Secure 2.0 integration ensures that your customers card is rightfully authorized, protecting
you and your customer from fraud.

With our PCI DSS certification, your customers data is safely encrypted, and we only use encryption keys to process payments 

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